An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 

​ Benjamin Franklin 


Welcome to Dikey International

Dikey International is a law and consultancy firm that provides assistance,  guidance and support to enterprises in their international expansion with special regard of their  operations in Turkey.


Turkey, besides being a natural bridge between both East-West and North-South axes,  also an important energy terminal and corridor in Europe connecting the East and West. It is known also as ''Foreign Investment Friendly'' country for its highly competitive investment conditions, the application of reduced taxes, the foreseen incentives to the operators of the regulated markets, low cost transport facilities and other qualities that the Turkish Market offers.


The above mentioned profile of the country and demands of the enterprises have  oriented us to be well prepared to satisfy the  inquiries of  foreign operators in Turkey under legal, commercial and taxation issues.


We assist clients of all nationalities. Our services are provided mainly in italian, english,  french and turkish.


With the scope of providing our services in a diligent and dynamic way, we chose to operate under the departments of ;  Foreign Investments,  Domestic Law and Tax Services.

In each Department we work with highly  qualified professionals such as professors in leading universities and professionals who have furthered their legal training at important legal firms in Europe, therefore very well equipped to handle  any type of inquiries.

- Obligation of the Carrier to Make and Keep the Ship Seaworthy                       By Bülent Sözer
- Değişik Ortamlarda Yapılan Yük Taşımaları                                                           By Bülent Sözer
- Come tutelarsi nell'acquisto di  immobili in Turchia                                             By Emre Yılmaz
- Analisi Economico Patrimoniali Nelle Joint venture                                          By Dimitra Koknar
- Debt Recovery in Turkey                                                                                             By Emre Yılmaz
- Tahkim Kurumunun YİD Anlaşmalarında Uygulanabilirliği                             By Dimitra Koknar
- Operare in Zone Franche in Turchia                                                                     By Dimitra Koknar
- Investimenti Esteri in Turchia                                                                               By Dimitra Koknar
- Arbitration Agreement                                                                                           By Dimitra Koknar
- The Acquısıtıon Of Turkısh Cıtızenshıp Through Real Estate Purchase       By Müge  Pazarcı
- Son.tv Pubblications
- Franchise Sözleşmeleri

* Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship became easier with the most recent legislation It is possible to apply for  Turkish Citizen by purchasing a real estate property in Turkey that is worth a minimum of $250,000, see more

* New Developments In Renewable Energy The applications for the solar energy investments of an amount of 6 Bil. Euros in 27 regions  of Turkey, see more

* Residence Permit For 1 Year To Whom Invest In Real Property In Turkey Starting from 11.04.2014, the  residence permit for foreign nationals, holders of real estate in Turkey, is granted on request, for one year instead of three months previously granted.

* The 90 Days Over 180 Rule To Apply For Resıdence Permit  According to the new Foreigners and International Protection Law n. 6458 entered in force the last 11. April. 2014, see more

* New Petroleum Law Is Approved By The Turkish Parliament

The new Turkish Petroleum Law n. 6491 originates from the Petroleum Law of 1954 Law n. see more

* Abolished  The Principle Of Reciprocity Land Registry Law N. 2644, which is in force since 1934, is amended by  Law N. 6302 see more

* Global Investment Area Dikey International is representative for all transactions regarding to the 248,000 sqm investment area in İzmir, favorable for the realization of an  investment in building construction or renewable energy sector.