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Dikey International is a law and consultancy firm that provides assistance, guidance and support to enterprises in their international expansion and follow on-going legal issues of  them by acting as company lawyer, attorney at law or in quality of mediator, arbitrator in  different areas of law and gives assistance in tax realted issues. When possible, we privilege the resolution of disputes by ADR instead of filing law suits at courts.


The solid international partnerships with tax and law firms constitutes  one of our strong points.

When markets in foreign countries offer a remarkably better business, subsequently to this an important  profit potential, it makes sense to take the first steps to expand internationally.

As Firm, we assist companies to take the right steps by taking the right measures with the legal, tax  and cultural frameworks of the country where the international expansion is intended to be done.


We beleive in the effectiveness and power  of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our initial approach is addressed to resolve the dispute by ADR.  Going to court can risk making a bad situation worse or even making a good situation convert in bad. The legal system is adversarial, at the end there is a winner and a loser. Using mediation helps to preserve an ongoing relationship by helping to find a solution that both parties can live with. This is an essential point where the parties may break up losng lasting relationships, partnerships or advantageous business relations because of legal litigation process.


There, where exist no will between the parties for the resolution of the dispute in an alternative way or when the object of the dispute is not suitable for ADR, the only remaining way is to file for court by taking consideration of all risks related to that, including the discretionary power of judges, the expetise reports not always reflecting the reality,  rigid court process, high expenses and so on. In these cases our clients are assisted by attornies at law, experts in determinated issues of our Firm. We work with highly qualified professionals such as professors in leading universities and professionals who have furthered their legal trading at important law firms in Europe, therefore very well equipped to handle any type of inquiries.


Our services are provided predominantly in italian, english, french, turkish, german and chinese.

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