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Law & Consultancy 16/01/2021



Here is a general framework of getting the opportunity of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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· Türkiye, with all its natural beauties and of course geographically important and unique position is one of the best places to live in the World. A country that can be described such as rainbow, full of tastes and smells coming from far and rich mixture of cultures of the past, surrended by its wonderful people offers high quality of life.

· Opportunity to study for free in prestigous state universities

· High quality health system

· Türkiye is a safe country tol ive.

· The Turkish passport holders can enter more than 77 countries without wisa and get visas at entry into more than 42 countries.


1. Who can apply for Turkish citizenship?

Potentially, any foreign citizen can apply for citizenship.

2. Is it possible to obtain citizenship through investment?

Yes. By Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program was first introduced on 12.01.2017 and amended significantly on 18.09.2018. Within the scope of this regulation, Turkey now grants citizenship to foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth at least $250.000 under the condition that the property is not sold for at least 3 years. By purchasing a property of valued minimum $250.000 USD in any part of Turkey or making $500.000 capital investment, a foreign investor will be able to get Turkish Citizenship for himself and the family within 3 months.

3. Can I buy more than one real estate to reach the 250.000 USD limit?

It is possibible to purchase more than one real estate with a total value of at least USD 250,000 within your investment processes. However, it is important for the validity of your application to be synchronous. Similarly, in order for the application to be valid, the values submitted to the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre must exceed USD 250,000.

4. Can other members of the family also become Turkish citizens?

The wife/husband and all children under 18 may become Turkish citizens.

5. The duration of the application process

The application process ends usually in four months if there is nothing missing or wrong and the documents are fulfilled completely and correctly, if the applicant doesn’t pose any threat to the national security of the country.

6. Is it possible to apply from abroad?

In order to process the application in a legally correct way, it is necessary to give power of attorney to the lawyer for carrying out all the operations when the applicant is at abroad.

7. Can I keep my citizenship of origin?

In the power of the local laws, it is permitted to have double nationality. As some countries does not permit dual citizenship, than it depends on the laws of the country of origin.

8. If I get Turkish citizenship, do I have to do compulsory military service?

The children under ge 18 during the application precess, they are have the obbligation to complete the military service. In case the military service already completed in the country of origin, than it must be demonstared.

Related to the children over 18 yoa with disabilities, the authorities will decide on the basis of the requested documents whether necessary or not the military service.


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